Burning Furnace Smell

When a furnace smells as if it may be burning, it is cause for concern. Due to the fact that the cause could be one of several reasons, it’s always smart to shut off the furnace for safety reasons and place a service call to a Roland HVAC company as soon as possible.

Ft. Smith, AR furnace-repair-servicesIn some cases, the burning smell will result from a relatively minor problem that can be easily repaired. But in other cases, the repairs may need to be more extensive and expensive, but will be necessary to get the furnace working again. To discover the reasons why your furnace may smell like it’s burning, here are some of the most common possibilities.

Short Circuits of Transformers

Transformers, which are located near the circuit board on the fan motor, are very susceptible to short circuiting when the thermostat is upgraded or replaced. When this happens, a strong smell that resembles burning plastic will be the result.

Along with the smell of burning plastic, a sickly sweet smell will also be present around the furnace and throughout the home. If you smell this, have a service technician check the transformers for any problems.

Lack of Furnace Maintenance

In today’s busy world, it’s sometimes hard for people to properly maintain their furnaces. When this occurs, various types of debris such as dirt, dead human skin, pollen, hair, and possibly dead animals can accumulate on the heat exchanger.

If all these things are present when the furnace is turned on at the beginning of the season, the result will be a very bad smell that can make the home almost uninhabitable. Rather than let this happen, be sure to contact an HVAC company each year to schedule an annual maintenance check. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep this from happening.

Motor Windings

When a furnace’s motor dies, the usual cause is due to the motor windings short circuiting. When this happens, an unmistakable smell of burning plastic will be around the furnace and spread throughout the home.

However, the good news is that this is a relatively simple repair for an HVAC technician. Once the problem is detected and the necessary repairs made, the motor should be able to function well for a number of years. However, be aware that once the smell gets into your home, it may stick around for a few days and be difficult to remove.

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