What Are Some Energy Saving Strategies For Your HVAC System?

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HVAC Units Can Waste Energy

Every HVAC unit can possibly waste energy when it’s not running efficiently or being used the way it’s made to be used. If the Ft. Smith home containing an HVAC unit is not properly sealed in certain areas like the windows, the ducts, or the doorways, then you may be losing a lot of energy through these spaces, which can ultimately cost you more money on your energy bill. There are other ways that an HVAC unit wastes energy, such as having a dirty air filter, not been maintained, or if the unit is not blowing hot or cool air as it’s supposed to. If an HVAC unit is costing you extra money on your energy bill, then determine what the problem is so you can save money.

You Can Save Energy

It’s not impossible to save energy in your Ft. Smith home, even if it’s necessary to run your HVAC unit throughout the day. When it gets cold outside, it’s necessary to keep the home warm by running the HVAC unit, and the same thing happens when it gets warm outside, except you’ll need to cool the home with the same unit. One way to keep energy from being wasted when running the HVAC unit is by ensuring that you have a clean filter that isn’t more than three months old.

Some will leave their filter in for many months or even a year or more, which only clogs up the system, and the airflow becomes strained, which will then take more energy to get the home warm or cool. Keeping a clean air filter will help to save energy from an HVAC unit. Many underestimate the use of a thermostat, but a good thermostat that can be programmed can easily save you money on energy, especially for the fact that you can turn your HVAC unit on and off when you’re not even at home.

Keep Your Unit Running Smoothly

If you want to keep your HVAC unit running properly and smoothly, then you’ll need to do yearly maintenance. At least once a year, it’s best to have an HVAC maintenance person come out to look at your unit to make sure that it’s running properly as well as efficiently. Another thing you can do is to install a new unit, especially if your current unit is more than 10 years old. The new unit should be Energy Star labeled, which means you’ll save a lot more energy.

If your Ft. Smith, AR HVAC unit needs some extra attention and you are trying to conserve energy do not hesitate to reach out to Mountain Air Cooling & Heating at (479) 782-4328.

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