3 Home Insulation Tips

As with any home-related investment, the primary item to consider is location! Regarding insulation in your Ft. Smith home,

1) The Locations to be Addressed Include the Attic, Walls, Floors, Basement, and Crawlspaces

If your attic is thoroughly insulated (eleven inches of fiberglass batting or eight inches of cellulose) and your house still feels drafty, your walls may be at fault.

Ft. Smith, AR Insulation-ServicesWhile fiberglass insulation batting is not difficult to install in attics, placing insulation behind sheetrock or plaster requires a professional.

Alternately, many vinyl siding product lines include rigid foam insulation in the clapboards.

If your Ft. Smith home requires blown-in insulation be added inside the walls and you’re considering replacing siding, this may be an ideal time to connect with professional installation technicians and weatherproof your biggest investment.

2) Product Type is Also Very Important.

a) Loose cellulose insulation is highly effective when blown inside existing walls and may function well as an insulation blanket in attics. However, cellulose insulation is a loose product, so if your attic offers any storage or any other activity that requires a lot of foot traffic, you might consider

b) Fiberglass batting, which is often pink in color and comes in rolls or long “batts” of material. This product can be very uncomfortable to handle as it can cause a great deal of skin and eye irritation. Handle with care, or leave it to the professionals.

c) Rigid foam insulation is most commonly used on exterior walls during the construction process or when siding is replaced. This product is highly effective but can be difficult to handle. In an inch to inch comparison, rigid foam is much more effective in keeping interior temperatures even.

d) Foam in-place insulation is available in a pressurized can and is very useful when sealing joints, seams, or frames around doors and windows.

3) Carefully consider your local climate. While nearly all homes can benefit from an attic layer or crawl space coverage, a house in Florida will have different considerations from a house in North Dakota.

Ventilation considerations are critical and should be addressed by a professional. Additional concerns should be taken around features such as recessed lights, to make sure the insulation around the light is not flammable.

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