The Home Maintenance Checklist for Warm Weather

Properly preparing a home or other property for warmer spring and summer weather can help to reduce long-term maintenance costs and minimize the risk of many problems that have the potential to cause significant discomfort or inconvenience.

Professional inspection, repair, and installation services are often required to ensure seasonal maintenance efforts can be as productive and successful as possible.

your-home-insulationCreating a checklist that outlines the most common upkeep issues and pressing concerns can help to ensure that annual maintenance issues are less likely to be overlooked by property owners who are attempting to prepare their home for warmer weather.

Service and Maintain Air-conditioning Equipment

A comprehensive inspection of all air conditioning and climate control equipment may turn up numerous issues that may have otherwise escaped notice.

For many homeowners, cooling costs often account for the bulk of electric consumption and monthly utility costs. Maintenance problems and mechanical problems that go overlooked can end up costing many households far more than they might realize.

To be as efficient as possible, routine inspection and maintenance services should include all of the following:

  • Coolant level inspection and replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Inspection of all ducts and vents

Climate control systems that have been poorly maintained can make it far harder to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Having the system assessed by a qualified professional before the arrival of warmer weather will help to ensure that equipment will remain to continue to provide dependable service throughout the year.

Inspect and Replace Home Insulation

Proper insulation is essential to reduce unwanted heat transfer and ensure cost-effective interior cooling. Replacing old insulation to ensure optimal performance can make a substantial difference in the effort to lower the cost of utility bills. Periodic inspection of home insulation is an important part of annual and seasonal upkeep that often goes overlooked.

The insulation commonly found in older homes is often unable to provide the superior level of performance needed to ensure home heating and cooling can be done more efficiently, efficiently and for less overall cost.

mow-your-lawnRepair Irrigation Systems for More Effective Yard and Landscape Maintenance

Proper lawn maintained can be far more challenging when sprinkler and irrigation systems fail to function properly.

Inspecting plumbing, fixtures and irrigation equipment for leaks, obstructions, and other issues may allow for more efficient watering and can identify any problems that may pose a risk to landscaping or even a home’s foundation.

A thorough assessment of irrigation systems often entails:

  • Water-pressure testing
  • Replacement of all gaskets, fittings, and fixtures that may show signs of wear
  • Inspection of all water lines and faucets

Colder winter weather can lead to frozen pipes that may damage fixtures or result in leaky water lines. Failing to detect and address such problems may lead to numerous issues and countless problems that homeowners would do well to avoid.

Replacing Weatherstripping, Testing and Lubricate All Doors and Windows

Weatherstripping that has become cracked or worn may place greater stress on climate control equipment and may even allow moisture to enter the home. A seasonal inspection of all doors and windows can be a valuable addition to any maintenance or upkeep checklist.

Replacing worn weatherstripping as well as lubricating all doors and hinges can prevent many of the most common issues that tend to crop up throughout the spring and summer. Noticing a draft or the presence of moisture near a door or window frame is a universal sign that the existing weatherstripping may be overdue for replacement.

Inspecting Interior Faucets, Fixtures and Plumbing Equipment for Leaks

garage-door-maintenanceEven minor plumbing problems have the potential to cause extensive damage, in particular for homeowners who fail to spot the problem in time.

A complete inspection of all interior plumbing can often turn up many issues that have the potential to develop into more severe and costly problems.

When it comes to properly preparing a home for warm weather, ensuring that all interior faucets, fixtures, and plumbing are in good working order is never a concern that should be left up to chance.

Adequate Preparation May Lower Utility and Upkeep Costs

Neglecting basic household maintenance or overlooking the importance of seasonal upkeep is often a very expensive oversight. Higher utility bills, larger maintenance costs and additional repair and installation services that could have been prevented may place considerable strain on household finances.

Professional services and assistance can be an invaluable resource for creating a seasonal maintenance checklist and ensuring that upkeep efforts can be as successful as possible. Doing business with a qualified and experienced service provider ensures that home and property owners will be able to address a full range of maintenance concerns with greater ease.

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