Before Striking a Deal, New Homeowners Should Always Look for the Following Problems

Over the years, many houses have been bought and sold here in Ft. Smith, AR, and in that time people have learned a number of important lessons about home buying.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most important lessons that others have learned over the years, teach you what types of problems you should look for when viewing homes, and help you understand why a home inspection is never something you should pass up on.

Not Enough Insulation Throughout the House

Home InsulationInsulation serves a few different purposes in a house, and the most important is keeping climate controlled air in and unpleasant outdoor air out.

Without the right amount of insulation, your furnace and air conditioner will have to work harder just to keep your house comfortable, and even then you may find yourself feeling cold in winter and hot in summer.

In a poorly insulated house, your furnace or A/C could have to work up to twice as hard to replace the energy that’s lost through the walls or roof, and that means a house that’s twice as expensive to keep comfortable. It’s integral, therefore, that you check the insulation levels in any house you like to make sure you won’t be throwing away hard-earned money on overly high energy bills.

Turn on Every Switch You Find to Look for Problems

No matter how many times you’ve told your kids to stop turning the lights on and off like they’re at a disco, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: you should play this game in every house you visit.

Now we don’t mean you should sit in a room and turn the light on and off 20 times, but you should test the switches in every room to make sure they do what they’re supposed to. Just by flipping switches, you can test a variety of things for functionality, including:

Air Conditioning1. Lights

2. Fans

3. Vents

4. Heating

5. Cooling

Strike a Deal with a Home Inspector Before Signing with the Seller

Home InspectionNo matter what your preliminary inspection of a house revealed, if you’re serious about putting in an offer, you should never, ever skip the home inspection.

Even if the house looks perfect to the untrained eye, a professional home inspection could reveal major problems and safety concerns that would encourage you to walk away, or at least renegotiate your purchase offer.

A home inspector will check the house inside and out for structural integrity, building quality, wiring, plumbing, and much more, and the process could turn up health problems, issues with the foundation, or the need for extensive repairs that you may not want to deal with.

And when you pay for a home inspection, it’s always a good idea to tag along the day of, so that you can see what the inspector sees, ask questions, and get to know the house a little better.

Home Buying is a complicated process, and there are lots of things to remember throughout the journey. However, it’s important to start with finding the right house, and that means knowing what to look for, being able to spot potential problems, and knowing where to go for a professional opinion about the house (the home inspector).

As long as you follow this advice before striking a deal, you’ll protect yourself from unexpected expenses, headaches, and disruptive home renovations, meaning you’ll be able to move in, settle in, and get comfortable right away in your new house.

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