Prepare Your Home for Spring Allergens

With spring comes a new lease of life. Flowers sprout and insects dance around. Unfortunately, pollen, insects, and mold are likely to trigger allergic attacks. Some common allergic reactions include dry eyes, a watery or a dry nose, sneezing, sniffles and stuffiness.

Here are few tips to keep the allergens out of the Ft. Smith home and avoid activating the immune system.

Ft. Smith, AR Home-AllergiesKeep Away from the Allergic Triggers

The only sure way to prevent an onset of the allergic triggers is to keep away from the allergens. A sure way to do this is to close the windows and doors when cutting the grass or pruning trees. Moreover, get rid of hanging branches around the Ft. Smith home that may bring in allergens such as pollen to the house. Here are other important actions.

  • Vacuum the floor regularly to prevent the buildup of allergens. Vacuuming improves the air quality.
  • Remove clothes and have a shower after spending some time outdoors
  • Avoid opening doors and windows to let in the breeze as it may bring pollen
  • Take a shower before heading to bed. This helps get rid of pollen and dust that may be stuck on your hair and skin. Bathing also reduces any irritation that may be because of the pollen and dust.

Protect Your House from Mold

Mold is also a common allergen in your Ft. Smith home during the spring season. To get rid of mold, focus on areas, which are likely to be the mold breeding grounds. These areas include the moist surfaces in basements, the bathrooms, and kitchen. Consider the following steps;

  • Use some bleach in water to remove mold on hard surfaces
  • Discard any fabric that has the mold that cannot be cleaned out using soap and water.
  • Repair any source of leakages such as roofs, windows, and pipe joints.
  • If any of the rooms has a dehumidifier, empty the water now and then and keep the unit clean to get rid of mildew.

Keep Track of the Allergen Levels

Check the sites on the internet that offer daily pollen and mold count reports. You may also search and download a weather app into your smartphone for easy access. The Weather Channel is one of the sites that offer such kind of a report.

Reduce outdoor activity when the allergen levels are very high especially if you are allergic reactions as in the case of asthma and hives. The peak levels are usually from around mid-day to late afternoon.

Replace or Clean your Furnace or Air Conditioning Filters

Ensure that you change your filters every three months. Ensure that filters that you use have an MERV rating of at least 8. The MERV rating helps you to know how well the air conditioner can filter any mold and pollen as air passes through it. A filter with high MERV rating also enhances the air quality inside the house.

Desist from using window fans to cool rooms in the house as they suck in the pollen. When using a dehumidifier, ensure that the humidity levels are below fifty percent to deal with the dust mites. However, ensure that the humidity is above thirty percent to avoid making the room too dry.

Clean your Bedroom Thoroughly

  • Deal with dust in your bedroom

Ensure that you wash behind your dresser, under the bed and on the surface of the fan above the blades. Use a damp cloth when cleaning the surfaces with a dry cloth helps spread the dust.

  • Remove items that attract the dust mites and mold

Clean up your wall-to-wall carpeting, feather filled mats, curtains, and window blinds. In the same way, clean the stuffed animals and upholstered headboards.

  • Strip the bed clean

Ensure that all your beddings including your blankets are clean. Clean with warm water at least 130 degrees F. Use a damp rag to clean the mattress. The areas of the bed that are hard to clean such as box springs can be covered with hypoallergenic dust covers. In the same breath, keep the pets out of the bedroom to prevent the re-introduction of dander and mites.

Work Your Kitchen Clean

Ft. Smith, AR Home-Allergy-TipsEnsure that all food that is kept in open containers is covered with airtight lids. Use a bleach solution to clean the tray under the refrigerator as it attracts mold. You may prevent the growth of mold and bacteria on the drip tray by adding some table salt.

The sink sprayer sometimes leaks at the joints leaking some water under the sink. The water soaks everything under the it, which becomes a breeding ground for mold. Fix any leaking taps and dry under the sink thoroughly.

Inspect the Basement

Basements are likely to get damp due to lack of sufficient sunlight and leakage from the air conditioning vents. Inspect all surfaces for the growth of mold, clean any mold with bleach. Keep away items that may grow mold such as newspapers and clothing from the floor.

Keep your Living Room Clean

Replace the organic mat at the doorway with a synthetic one. The dust mites and mold, as well as other allergens, are likely to grow on an organic mat. Encourage your visitors to remove their shoes at the doorway to avoid bringing in some allergens into the living room.

Remove the overstuffed couch and with something like vinyl or leather, that does not harbor allergens. Remove your mat carpet and work with solid surface floorings such as vinyl, wood, and laminate. These are less likely to harbor allergens compared to carpet rugs. As for the potted flowers, fill the top with pebbles to prevent mold spores from being blown into the air.

Time to keep your Ft. Smith, AR home allergy free. Call Mountain Air Cooling & Heating today at (479) 668-0062.

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