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Installing new heating should be quick, clean and affordable. Call Spiro heating repair, installation & replacement services to get all three at (479) 782-4328. Be sure to click here to see some of our online specials and coupons.

Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement Spiro, OK

Spiro is home to an important national archaeological site under the protection of the Oklahoma Historical Society. But Spiro isn’t just about the past. Spiro is also a place where we look to the future. At Mountain Air Cooling & Heating, we are progressive and we keep up to date with all the technology that can save you money, and save our precious and shared landscape and air.

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What’s a Heat Pump?

Geothermal heat pumps

These heat pumps take the heat from the warm earth and distribute it throughout your home in the form of hot air or hot water. They are able to reverse in the summer and provide air conditioning.

Air Source Heat Pumps

These heat pumps take heat from the outdoor air, and move it into your home through ducts. They can also provide air conditioning in the summer.

Mini Splits

These are air source heat pumps without ductwork. These systems connect to a wall mounted air handler and blow hot or cold air into your home from a slim wall or ceiling mounted unit.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Heat Pump?

The total cost of your heat pump system is hard to determine without a thorough inspection and diagnostic of your home. There are three main sections of a geothermal heat pump system that we need to assess before we can give you a number.

Energy supply source

This is the heat source itself. Your heat pump can either get heat from well water or a closed loop system of piping buried in the ground.

The Heat Pump

The heat pump moves the heat from the energy supply source to your home.

The Energy Distribution System

This is how the heat is distributed throughout your home. Typically, ductwork or radiant in-floor heat.

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer and we employ NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certified technicians.

Our heating services include:

● Heater repair and maintenance
● Heater installation and replacement
● Furnace installation and replacement
● Furnace repair and maintenance
● Heat pump services
● Geothermal heating and cooling – ClimateMaster and ClimateMaster GeoElite dealers)
● Evaporator coil services
● Thermostats – Wi-Fi and other programmables
● And more…

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Call Mountain Air Cooling & Heating in Spiro at (479) 782-4328. Whatever your heating issue is (no matter how big or small) you can expect the same high level of care and service from us. Spiro is our home too – let’s protect it together.

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