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Sallisaw AC Repair, Installation & Replacement

Sallisaw AC repair, installation & replacement can extend the life of your cooling unit and put dollars back in your pocket. Call (479) 782-4328. Click here to see some of our online specials and coupons that will help you get cooler sooner.

AC Repair, Installation & Replacement Sallisaw, OK

Sallisaw was founded in 1886 on hard work and our motto, “Built on pride and dedicated to excellence” is something we can get behind at Mountain Air Cooling and Heating. We live and work with that same sense. We can get to you quickly wherever you are in Sallisaw – north or south of the railroad – and all points in between.

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What’s A Sallisaw Cooling Installation?

It’s always best not to just go ahead and purchase an AC unit by yourself. Lean on us a little. We can assess your living space and find you the air conditioner that is the perfect fit for your home. At Mountain Air Cooling & Heating we can install split-system units or packaged units with ease. A proper Sallisaw cooling system installation only begins after careful planning and multiple consultations with you. We want you to understand what we are doing and why.

What Kinds Of Air Conditioning Systems Do We Install?

The two most common are split-system and central air conditioners. In split-systems, an outdoor cabinet contains the condenser and compressor, and an indoor cabinet houses the evaporator. In many split-systems, the indoor cabinet also contains a furnace or a heat pump. Central air conditioners live outside and provide cool air through the existing ductwork inside your home.

Replacement Of Your Old System

Central air conditioners are far more efficient than single room air conditioners that sit precariously in windows. They are quiet and affordable and with regular cleaning and maintenance should last for several years. Replacing an old system with say, a new energy efficient Trane model can save you money.

What Size Unit Should I Buy?

A system that is too small will run continuously but always be unable to cool your home. A unit that is too large doesn’t run for a long time because it satisfies the cooling load too quickly and then shuts off. Properly sized air conditioners run longer and dehumidify your home as well as cool it.

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer and we employ NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certified technicians.

Our cooling services include:

● Geothermal heating and cooling – ClimateMaster and ClimateMaster GeoElite dealers)
● Cooling system installation and replacement
● AC installation and replacement
● AC repair and maintenance
● AC filter replacement
● Air handler services
● Ductless mini split AC systems
● Evaporator coil services
● Thermostats – Wi-Fi and other programmables
● And more…

Call us at (479) 782-4328. Mountain Air Cooling & Heating technicians are waiting for your call. Summers are gorgeous (although sometimes too brief) in Sallisaw – let our cooling experts make it healthy and comfortable indoors.

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