Energy Efficient Features of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps have become common heating units that are now common in most households. They are the most preferred compared to other heating units such as the furnaces and air conditioners due to their efficiency and advanced features.

During winter, heat pumps absorb warmth from the outside air that is used to increase temperatures indoors.

Ft. Smith, AR Energy-Efficient-ServicesDuring summer, they extract warmth from the air indoors making the conditions more tolerable.

Heat pumps eliminate the need to install separate cooling and heating systems thereby reducing the cost to Ft. Smith homeowners.

Heat pumps are considered extremely efficient as they can provide as much as four times of the energy they consume.

What to Consider When Shopping for Heat Pumps

When shopping for heat pumps, you want to lay your hands on a real machine. A heat pump with good efficiency rating will go a long way in cutting the energy costs in your Ft. Smith home. A heat pump with a higher SHSPF and SEER is considered to be more efficient.

The HSPF is used to measure the heating efficiency. A heat pump with a higher efficiency has HSPF of between nine and ten. The SEER measures the amount of energy pumped outside in the cooling mode. In most recent models, the SEER value ranges from 13 to 24. This shows a great deal of improvements in the current technologies.

Other Key Features of a Heat Pump

As a potential buyer, you may want to consider other features of the heat pump other than their efficiency rating. Although most of these advanced features add to the cost of the heat pump, the energy costs over time make them worth it.

  1. The variable-speed blower that is used to improve the efficiency of heat pumps.
  2. The thermostatic expansion valves that are used to provide precise control of the refrigerant inside the coils.
  3. The two-speed compressors that allow the heat pump to run at low speeds and speed up only when required.

When shopping for heat pumps for your home, you can’t go wrong with the cost, quality and its features. Always ensure that you purchase those heat pumps that offer value for your money.

Also, ensure that the equipment is installed by professionals to have them functioning properly as required.

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