Projects to Do Around the House Before the 4th of July

The home serves as your castle. Therefore, you must feel safe and contented within your home. A home improvement can turn your dream of living in a blissful paradise into a reality. Improvements like siding and replacement windows have the ability to make your house feel less drafty and safeguard your home from burglars and other damages caused by harsh weather conditions.

Lawn CareAdditionally, they can properly insulate your building and allow natural redistribution of thermal energy. Remodeling projects offer you an opportunity to add extra space and enable you to accommodate guests comfortably.

1. Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping is one of the simplest and cheapest tricks to improve the overall market value of your home. Beautify your compound by planting unique tree species and flowers that match with the architectural design of your building.

  • Get rid of the leaves: a series of colorful autumn leaves might appear cute and fun for the kids to play in, but they hinder the growth of grass. They trap moisture and create shades that inhibit the growth of turfs. Rake or blow away falling leaves and ensure the ground is as clean as possible.
  • Trim the grasses to their correct height: Grass continues to thrive and grow until the first hard frost. Therefore, embracing a regular program of mowing the grass is recommended. The ideal height for the lawn grass is 2.5 to 3 inches. Regular mowing eliminates annoying grasses and leaves behind soil-enriching mulch.
  • Regular watering: water your lawn at least twice a day. Most people tend to abandon the watering process when the weather becomes cool. A regular program of watering your lawn is an effective strategy for boosting the strength of grass roots and enabling them to survive during the dry months.
  • Aerate the soil and fertilizers: before fertilizing the soil use a core aerator to punch holes and pull up lumps of soil. A regular aeration program safeguards the soil from becoming trampled and covered with thick layers of debris, stems, roots, and thatch.

2. Replace Old Doors and Windows

Fix creaking windows and replace doors that do not open or close easily. Do not overlook even the minor problems during the process of fixing either the doors or windows.

Currently, prospective buyers are keen during the purchase process. Therefore, if you are renovating the home with an intention of selling it, do not ignore minor defects hoping the buyers will not notice them.

Wash the windows on a regular basis especially during the hot season. Most homeowners tend to neglect the second-floor windows since they are hard to reach. Utilize a telescoping washer set, which contains a flexible aluminum pole that can attach to your hose.

The soap dispenser present on the pole gives you an opportunity to add a cleaning reagent during the washing process. The washer set consists of a 7-shape spray nozzle, soft round brush, window squeegee, 10 inches floor brush, as well car-washing brush.

deck cleaning3. Deck Cleaning

Despite deck cleaning being a simple process, choosing a day to carry out the cleaning process happens to be a tough decision for most people. Carry out the procedure when the weather is moderately warm.

Put on old outfits that you do not mind getting dirty and place the cleaning supplies at a convenient place.

  • Transfer heavy or large items that are placed on the deck to the storeroom. These items include patio furniture, shoe trays, flower pots, the grill, and other stuff that might interfere with the clearness of the desk surface.
  • Remove debris, molds, and other unwanted materials that might have accumulated on the deck surface. Use a vacuum machine to suck up litter, debris, and dirt.
  • Join a deck cleaning brush to the water hose to clean bird residue, grime, and dirt. The brush contains 14 nozzles and durable bristles for pressure cleaning and removal of persistent stains.
  • Using either a sprayer or brush, apply biodegradable chemicals on the permanent stains that might be available on the deck surface. Leave the deck undisturbed for 5 to 10 minutes and use your hose to spray it.

4. Paint the Walls

Cover up the walls of your rooms with neutral paints. A light coat of eco-friendly and neutral paints can make your home appear bigger, cleaner, and more stunning. Start by scrapping, sanding, and filling every crack and dent available on the wall. Purchase paints that possess the primers.

Prime hinder bleeding of stains and enhances paint adhesion, which minimizes peeling and blisters. Cover the floor and other expensive equipment with plastic drop cloths to protect them from paint spatters. Alternatively, you can use canvas materials due to their prolonged lifespan and rip-resistance.

Instead of using a stepladder, utilize a telescoping extension pole. Those that are 18 to 36 inches are appropriate since they can paint rooms that have ceilings of 8-to-9 feet. Transfer the paint from the tray to a 5-gallon bucket. Use a paint grid to roll the paint from the bucket.

A paint grid is a rectangular-shaped plastic or inelastic metal screen that attaches to the bucket’s rim. Pour the paint into the bucket until it is halfway full and suspend the grid in it. Remove excess paint from the roller sleeve by rolling it against the grid.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrade

The kitchen serves as the heart of the house. Investing all your effort and a significant amount of cash in this room is advisable.

Install modern cabinets, hardware, countertops, and purchase sophisticated appliances.

Conduct an intensive market research before buying any appliance to make sure you are acquiring something that will serve you for a longer duration. Use fresh paints to paint the walls of both your kitchen and bathroom.

Installing a simple wall mirror is an important strategy for improving the appearance of your bathroom.

6. Outside Faucets Inspection

A leak in the pipe might go undetected for a longer duration and end up destroying both your flooring and walls. Therefore, you should thoroughly inspect your outside faucets on a regular basis.

4th-of-july-fireworks-showTurn off a spray nozzle and put it on your hose and then connect it to the sill-cock, proceed to activate the water and allow it to run inside the basement.

The water is supposed to dash inside the basement and then stop suddenly. In case the water continues to flow, you might have a leak. Repeat the test severally and confirm the presence of holes before installing a new outside faucet.

7. Summer A/C Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit is very important, especially during the hot summer months. There are a couple of things you should do to make sure you’re home’s A/C unit is working properly for the 4th of July holiday. Always make sure to clean or change your air filter once a month.

This will help the unit work in a more efficient manner. These components will ensure your A/C unit is working to its full ability. Lastly, schedule a pre-season tune-up with a professional. This tune-up will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re unit is ready for the holiday!

If you’re having issues with your Air Conditioning unit, call Mountain Air Cooling & Heating in Ft. Smith, AR today at (479) 782-4328.


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