Keep Airborne Viruses Under Control in Your Home

Winter illnesses are common as people spend so much time inside. To make matters worse, many illnesses can be spread through the air, which means that the germs are often shared with others in the home.

Ft. Smith, AR Flu Season TipsHowever, there are a number of things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of spreading airborne illnesses.

In addition to helping keep airborne viruses under control, these steps will also reduce allergen levels and help to improve overall indoor air quality.

Filter Upgrades

Standard air filters remove large particles, such as dust, from the air to prevent the particles from being burned in the furnace and blown through the house.

However, there are a number of furnace filters available on the market that offer a greater level of protection than standard filters and can even trap airborne viruses.

Furnace filters are also available that have antimicrobial coatings which may also further reduce airborne germs in your Ft. Smith home.

As furnaces need a specific amount of air to operate properly, it is best to talk to a furnace technician before switching to a different furnace filter to make certain that the new filter is compatible with the furnace.

Fresh Air

One way to improve the air quality inside your Ft. Smith home is through the introduction of fresh air. Indoor air is almost always more polluted than outdoor air and indoor air is often very dry during the winter months. Low levels of humidity can increase the likelihood of respiratory illnesses and irritate nasal passages.

Drier air also feels cooler than more humid air. Even if it is for just a few minutes, opening the windows and letting some fresh air into the home can help to reduce the amount of airborne germs, lower the amount of allergens in the air and lower indoor humidity.

For a more permanent, and more energy efficient, solution than just opening a window, an HVAC company can add a fresh air intake to the furnace to bring outdoor air into the home.

UV Light Filtering

A UV light furnace filter can be used in addition to a physical furnace filter to help clean indoor air. UV light works by disrupting a germ’s cell function which causes the germs to die. UV light can be used as a filter by causing air to pass by the light.

Specially designed UV lights can be installed by a furnace technician inside the furnace ducts where they work to kill germs, including influenza. UV light also kills mold spores, which can help to reduce the amount of indoor air allergens in the home.

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