Want to Prevent HVAC Repairs in Your Home? Try These Monthly Maintenance Tips

Depending on where you live in Arkansas, you may get almost no snow at all during the winter, or, if you live in a place like Fort Smith, you might see a bit of snowfall with every year.

That’s one of the reasons why homes in this area have both heating and cooling systems; better known has HVAC.

Everyone here relies on the air conditioner to keep things tolerable during the blazing hot summers, but when things cool down in the winter season, you’re glad there’s a furnace in place to keep you warm.

That’s why it’s important not to ignore this critical piece of home hardware, and give it some periodic maintenance.

Bring In an Expert for an Annual Tune Up

Having a professional do a thorough inspection of your entire HVAC system is one of the surest ways to find tune-upsmall problems.

They can address them on the spot, and prevent a big, costly repair from catching you by surprise at some later date.

With a “tune up,” a professional comes to your home, and, just like a car mechanic, does a quick examination of how your HVAC system is holding up.

They can take care of small chores, such as refilling the coolant in an air conditioner that may have gotten low over the year.

Cleaning out ventilation ducts can also keep your efficiency up as well as keeping a close eye on your furnace settings and readjusting them as required.

Keep Outdoor Fixtures Clean

If you have a modern A/C and high-efficiency furnace, then you have some air intakes, vents and pipes that are important for continued operation.

clean-outdoor-ac Both cooling and heating in modern systems require a way to take in air to process it.

But in addition, they also need a way to dispose of waste, such as steam or water to maintain a better level of efficiency.

If these vents and intakes get blocked, it makes your equipment work harder.

In turn, that means you’ll be paying higher bills than you need to for your heating and cooling needs.

A quick, regular inspection of these outdoor fixtures can quickly solve any potential problems.

Make sure pipes are clear, keep leaves and other debris away from your condenser, and you can enjoy continued efficiency.

Replace the HVAC Filter

This is another simple maintenance tip that everyone should be following. Filters in the HVAC system protect you from a health perspective and protect your HVAC system from an efficiency standpoint.ac-filter

They catch and trap contaminants and other particles, keeping them from circulating throughout your home.

Keep a set of filters handy and stored somewhere in the home.

It’s always a good idea to buy these in bulk so you’re not always going to the store to buy one more replacement.

For most homeowners, it’s a good idea to replace the filter every three months, especially if you’re heating and cooling your home throughout the year.

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