Prepare Your Home for the Summer Months Ahead!

Summer is a favorite season for many, but you won’t get the best out of it if your home isn’t prepared to transition. You want a home that can resist the heat well enough to keep you comfortable, and there are numerous way to achieve it.

Get the Pool Back in Shape

enjoying-an-outdoor-viewYour friends and family will likely want to start dipping in the pool again to escape the heat, so make sure to have it clean and safe in time for the summer. If you have trees or bushes nearby, you’ll probably see the wind blowing leaves into the pool when it’s not covered.

Use a skimmer to get the debris out to give a cleaner appearance that will also increase water circulation. Vacuuming the pool also helps get debris that’s harder to access.

Keeping your pool filter clean prevents it from turning discolored or polluted, and it also maintains a proper flow. To keep the water in ideal condition, routinely check the water’s pH level.

The perfect pool pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8 as it keeps the water clean while still being safe for swimming.

Maintain Your Appliances

If you want to stay cooled off and refreshed, make sure your refrigerator is in working order to keep cold drinks around the clock. If you don’t usually perform maintenance on your fridge, it would be a good time to consider cleaning its condensing coils.

If you use an older model, consider replacing it with a more efficient one. More importantly, a newer AC unit will keep your home as cool as it can be without using as much energy. A high efficiency air conditioner will save you money in addition to keeping your air cleaner.

cleaning-the-outdoor-ac-unit-To keep your air conditioner working properly, make sure to use new and clean filters. If your home or region is generally dusty, upkeep should be even more of a priority. Keep filters in stock so you can change them regularly without delay.

Increase the Shade

One of the best steps to take to fight off the summer heat is by increasing the shade to block out the sun’s rays. Fortunately, this can be done inside and outside of the home.

You can begin by planting trees or bushes in the right places to help provide shade in front of your windows. This will reduce the sun that gets through your windows and help reduce the heat during the day.

You can also add more drapes to windows from the inside. Adding new curtains or other linens allows you to control how much sun you want to let in and when you’d like to do so.

You can also achieve this control with blinds or shutters. If you don’t want to change the interior décor, you can still shade your windows from outside by adding awnings, screens or window tint.

Take Advantage of Fans

The direction your ceiling fans blow around the house can greatly improve the feel of cool air circulating around your home. During the hottest months, your ceiling fans should move in a counter-clockwise motion to better allow for the flow of cool air.

When taking a hot shower, the heat and steam rises and can escape through the space around the bathroom door to heat up the rest of your home as well.

The effect is worsened once you open the door to exit. Using the exhaust fan while in the shower can move the heat faster allowing it to dissipate, and this reduces the significance of temperature change across the home.

Because heat rises, it may also be collecting in your attic. To combat the collection of heat above you, install an attic fan. This will help cool your home from the top down.

Check for Breaches and Leaks

In addition to preventing the temperature inside from getting too warm, prepping for summer involves making sure cool air does not escape. If there are leaks in the structure of your home, they can allow more hot air in or let cold air out.

install-ceiling-fansHave your home professionally checked, or doing your own scan for proper caulking and insulation around vulnerable parts of your home including windows and doors.

Make sure any touch ups are sealed tightly and neatly. Your laundry room may also be affecting your overall home temperature if the dryer isn’t maintained properly.

If you notice your entire home heats up when using the dryer, the dryer vents may be blocked.

Check for any blockages in the vent to make sure hot air isn’t being blown back into the laundry area and passing through the house.

If you need professional guidance in prepping your home for the summer with high efficiency air conditioner installation or other HVAC services in Ft. Smith, AR, Call Mountain Air Cooling & Heating at 479-782-4328 today.

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