3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Maintaining your Ft. Smith home in great condition is understandably a top priority. In addition to being the location where you and your family live, your home may also be one of your largest single assets.

Ft. Smtih, AR  fall_home_maintenanceBetween the effects of regular use, exposure to the elements and more, it can easily fall into a state of disrepair if you do not maintain it properly.

During the fall months, many homeowners take specific steps to maintain their property, but some of these efforts can be disastrous if they are not completed properly.

Inspecting the Heater Connections

During the fall, you typically will turn on the heater for the first time in months. Because of this, it is important to check the heater’s connections.

Whether you have an electric or gas heater, the connections can become loose or even entirely disconnected.

This can create an electrical fire, a gas leak or something else that can be equally as disastrous for the home.

This seems like a simple task to complete, but many Ft. Smith homeowners do not have the knowledge of heating systems that is needed to properly determine if the connections are secure. Consulting with an HVAC technician is an important step to take.

Cleaning the Ducts

If you have a central heating and cooling system, you have air ducts that run through the walls and that carry the climate-controlled air to different areas of the home. The air ducts will get dirty with regular use, and particulates like bacteria, mold, pet dander, dust and more may line the air ducts.

This can interfere with the functional use of the HVAC system as well as create unhealthy indoor air quality. Some homeowners will attempt to clean air ducts on their own, but this is typically ineffective and can even damage the duct material. Scheduling professional air duct cleaning is a better option.

Maintaining the Heater

Most heating system manufacturers recommend that heaters receive annual maintenance before you initially turn the heater on for the first time of the season.

This maintenance service will give the system a tune-up, identify components that need to be replaced and more. It helps the system to run more efficiently and can even keep the home’s occupants safe.

Some homeowners may attempt to do this work on their own, but unintentional damage to the system may occur. It is best to schedule service with a licensed HVAC technician.

While maintaining your home is important, there are some projects that you may need professional services for. If you do not have the knowledge, skills and equipment to complete these tasks, consider setting up an appointment with a professional soon.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Mountain Air Cooling & Heating at (479) 782-4328 to get your Ft. Smith, AR home inspected.

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