How to Prevent High Heating Costs in Fall and Winter

As the cold months approach the cost of heating, your home will continue to climb.  When you factor in those heating costs to the increased costs of living, it’s no wonder that homeowners search out every opportunity to try to save on heating costs wherever they can.

These tips don’t take long and can have a real impact on lowering your heating costs.

Furnace Service

The first item on your to-do list should be to get your furnace serviced. You can probably change the air filter yourself (which is essential to energy efficiency), but you’ll want to call in the professionals to check out the pilot light and clean the other components. It’s important to your bottom line to have your furnace running as efficiently as possible.

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Take Care of the Windows

When it comes to heat loss, your windows are very vulnerable. Trap some of that heat in by insulating them even more. As a natural first step, hang insulating drapery that is an effective barrier to heat and cold transfer. Also, consider hanging plastic film. You can either just hang it over the window frame, or attach it tightly by using a hair dryer to work out wrinkles and make it stick firmly.

Warm Air Out the Chimney

Your fireplace may be a place of warmth and family gathering during the winter months, but it is also a site for significant heat loss if you are leaving the damper open when you’re not using your fireplace. As a baseline, make sure that the damper is shut tightly. Also put in a chimney pillow, which will block the warm air from escaping and keep cold air at bay outside.

Run the Ceiling Fan

When the season’s change, reverse the direction of your ceiling fan (to clockwise). You can take advantage of the naturally rising hot air in the room. The movement and guidance of the fan blades will push the hot air right back down again, spreading it around.

Draft Dodger

Close any gaps between exterior doors and door frames by installing an adjustable threshold. You can also use magnetic weather stripping or a draft snake (which is a piece of fabric filled with weights, like beads or dried rice), placed in front of the gap in the door.

Open the Curtains

If you leave the curtains open during the day, you can take advantage of natural solar power from the sun, which can raise your home’s temperature for free.

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