Going Green: Household Tips

The Earth is our home, and like any home, it’s up to the residents to take good care of it. If you want to help our environment and reduce the negative impact we have on the world we live in, there are a few things you can do right inside your own residence to help.

Try Using Solar Devices

The only thing better than cheap electricity is free electricity. More and more devices these days run off solar power.

Some of which you wouldn’t even expect, like including calculators, chargers for devices, and even refrigerators. You can reduce your electrical bill by switching over to some solar powered hardware.

Use LED Lights

The light emitting diode is the latest in lighting technology. It uses less electricity than old filament light bulbs, lasts longer, doesn’t generate the same amount of heat, and can be easily customized!

You have the option of buying light bulbs in shapes you know, but you can also use LED strips or any other shape you imagine for truly individual lighting schemes.

Pnatural-coolinglant a Tree in Your Yard

More of a long-term project, but a tree placed in the right part of your yard will eventually have a big effect on your cooling bills during the summer.

Once leaves are in place and a tree is tall enough to provide shade to your home.

This immediately cools your home to the point where your A/C unit doesn’t have to work as hard to reach a lower temperature.

Control Your Thermostat Levels

Strive for a comfortable temperature in your home, but not one that pushes your energy bills up unnecessarily. Winter temperatures outside don’t mean boosting a furnace to tropical levels.

Conversely, hot summer days don’t mean cooling your home down to the point it feels chilly. This is both unnecessary and will get expensive for you.

Close Your Chimney Fluechimney-flue

Chimney flues only need to be open when in use. When the season is over, make sure your flue is closed.

Otherwise, you’re creating an escape route for cool air and making your air conditioner work harder than it needs to.

Update Your HVAC

How old is your current furnace or air conditioner? Some people have furnaces in their home that are still working after 40-50 years of operation.

Unfortunately, those are nowhere near as efficient as new units. If you want to pay less on your heating or cooling bills, get a modern, energy efficient HVAC system.

Look At Your Carbon Footprint & Shrink It

carbon-footprintYour carbon footprint is how much CO2—or carbon dioxide—you generate through the use of products that emit CO2.

Use low CO2 products, and patronize companies with CO2 reduction practices to shrink your footprint and slow global warming.

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