Geothermal Heating Benefits

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Ft. Smith, AR geothermal_heating_servicesMany people wonder how geothermal heating works. Today, this form of home heating has gained widespread popularity around the world.

Ft. Smith homes in many locations in the United States rely on geothermal heating systems for energy to fuel heat pumps during cold months and air conditioning systems in the winter.

Geothermal heating exists because soil provides better thermal insulation than air.

By digging below the surface of the earth in some locations, engineers can install a network of pipes to carry liquids below the surface of buildings, and draw upon the warmth from the Earth to produce heat when conditions on the surface turn cold.

This process helps a Ft. Smith home geothermal heat pump disperse heat through a duct system into the residence during winter months. In some locations, it also enables radiant energy from floors or walls to heat the premises.

The Benefits of Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating systems provide many households with a very practical heating system. These units furnish a number of advantages in some locales. The chief benefits include greater efficiency, reliability and affordable costs.

Some authorities estimate that in certain spots in the United States, a geothermal heat pump offers as much as 300% to 600% of the energy efficiency of a traditional air heat pump on exceedingly cold days.

With geothermal heating growing in popularity, these savings interest many people. The estimated lifespan of a correctly installed geothermal heating and cooling system extends for between 25 and 50 years by some estimates.

Although mechanical parts will eventually wear out and require attention, these systems furnish very reliable heat when well-maintained.

The cost savings that result from the use of geothermal heating appeals to large numbers of families. Contractors install an estimated 50,000 new geothermal heat pumps in the USA every year.

Comfortable Home Heating And Cooling

Of course, the most significant benefit of a well-cared for and correctly functioning geothermal heating system involves the comfort it offers to residents.

Asking a professional HVAC installer to determine whether a particular household could save money using a geothermal heating system appeals to many people who appreciate the renewable nature of this form of energy.

As more consumers have embraced this technology, the median cost of installing geothermal home heating systems continues to fall.

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