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Irrespective of how cold or hot the weather is, your home should always be a comfortable place to stay. Switch your furnace or heater on when the snow is falling outside and let air conditioning unit run when it is hot to provide you with cool and fresh air. What if you don’t have these appliances? Well, if that’s your case, then it is high time you seek the help of a professional to guide you through making the best buy and for their proper installation. You’ll also need the expert when the devices break down.

The best home service company

Are you in need of a furnace, heater or air conditioning unit installation or repair? Before you hire someone for the work, ensure that he or she has been tested and proven to have the relevant expertise. Fortunately, you don’t have to run up and down looking for an expert since Mountain Air Cooling & Heating has you covered. Our entire team of technicians is trained and licensed to offer a myriad of home services including heater repair, heater installation, air conditioning repair and maintenance, air conditioning repair installation and replacement, furnace repair and installation, air handler repair, installation and replacement as well as geothermal system installation and repair. You can’t get better experts for any of these services than Mountain Air Cooling & Heating.
What sets us apart?

We don’t leave anything to chances when it comes to our service delivery. Many of our clients call us perfectionists but do we say! Yes, we are! What has kept us relevant in this game for many years is our commitment to ensuring that we leave all our customers satisfied. We are all ears when you want to talk to us. Whenever you call us, a very friendly staff member will answer your call, listen to you patiently and then advise you on the way forward. It won’t take long before our technician comes to your home to sort you out. We may even arrive a few hours or minutes after calling us, depending on your convenience and the availability of our technicians.
No task is too small, big, easy or difficult for us. Our experts have in-depth skills for handling diverse models of all the aforementioned devices. They’ll also give you incredible tips on what you can do to protect your appliances from various issues, a benefit that you will rarely get from most of our competitors.

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