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PlanIs your furnace, heater or air conditioner in your Fort Smith home giving you enough value for your money? Or do you need an installation of one done? One thing you ought to remember is that the installation and repairs of heating and air conditioning equipment ought to be done by a professional for maximum efficiency and durability. With a reputable expert by your side, AC, heater or furnace repair need will never render you sleepless again. All your heating and air conditioning devices will be running efficiently and when an issue arises, you’ll rest assured knowing that you have an expert who you can count on for emergency services.

A reliable team for heating and air services

At Mountain Air Cooling & Heating, we are committed to serving the residents of Fort Smith with impeccable heating and air conditioning services.  Our heating technicians appreciate the fact that proper installation, maintenance and timely repair of your furnace, heater or AC unit play a significant role in the comfort of your home.  We are equipped with the expertise and tools required for the delivery of all these services. In fact, all our technicians have North American Technical Excellence certification. Furthermore, we keep on upgrading our expertise and that makes us the best heating and cooling experts countrywide. We are quick but thorough in our service delivery, offering 100% satisfaction to all our clients.

Our heating services

Our friends over at Dayton Heating and Air Conditioning agree that some of the most common heating issues that we deal with include an unusual heater or furnace turning off and on, carbon monoxide leaks from heaters, inconsistent heating, malfunctioned heat pump, dirty or clogged filters, faulty thermostats and much more. To rectify these and more relevant problems, we offer a wide range of heating services including furnace repairs and maintenance, heater repairs and maintenance, geothermal system repair as well as thermostat replacement and maintenance. We also install heaters, furnaces, heat pumps and geothermal systems.

Our air services

Your conditioner may give you a headache if it cycles on and off much often, runs continuously, makes your utility bills to go insanely high, causes your rooms to become uncomfortably hot or cold. These problems are an indication that your AC needs repair. Fortunately, these are some of the air conditioning issues in which our mechanics are experts.  Our array of air services addresses these and more air conditioning issues. We offer filter cleaning and replacement, temperature verification, motor lubrication, air handler repair and replacement, ductless mini split repair, refrigerant recharge, evaporator coil cleaning and repair. We install air conditioners, ductless mini split AC systems, evaporator coils, WI-FI thermostats and air handlers.

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