Crank Up the Heat Without Spending a Fortune with these Energy-Saving Tips

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money around the house, and in winter this often means sacrificing comfort in the name of a lower energy bill. But what if we told you that it was possible to have a warm and cozy house this winter without breaking your heating system?

The trick is taking steps to make your home more efficient, because an efficient home uses energy more wisely, and this means no drafts to cool your house and no lost warm air leaking out, and that means not a single penny you spend to heat your house will be wasted.

Insulate Your Windows

Older windows can be a major draft source in your house, and this means they contribute to energy loss and lack of efficiency. To correct this problem, you can insulate your windows to prevent cool air from stealing in, and there are many ways you can approach this. Here are some of the best ways to insulate your windows for our upcoming Smith, AR winter:

Insulated Windows

  • Use bubble wrap or heavy-duty plastic sheeting to seal and cover the glass
  • Replace lightweight summer shears with thick, heavy drapes
  • Install storm windows or acrylic panes over the glass
  • Install weather stripping

Switch Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan ReversedYou know that chain on your ceiling fan that you pull by accident sometimes even though it doesn’t turn the fan or the lights on and off?

Well that chain actually does have a purpose, and it’s to change the direction that the blades rotate in. Why would you want to do this, you ask? Changing the direction of the blades isn’t just a whimsical thing: it actually changes the way the fan circulates and distributes air.

In wintertime, you want the blades rotating clockwise on low, so they pull cool air from the ground and push warmer air that’s risen back down to the ground level.

You can make a room feel warmer by a few degrees just by reversing the fan blade direction, thanks to how effective the fan is at redistributing heat.

Use Caulk to Seal Drafty Window Frames

Window Caulking Caulk is a cheap and easy way to improve the efficiency of your home, because cracks around the window frame can allow cool outside air in and warm inside air out.

Whether your windows have no caulk at all or older caulking that’s becoming less effective, you can keep your home warmer for less by installing new caulking.

Start by removing the old caulk that’s there, and then washing and drying the surface around the exterior of the window frame. Finally, pipe in a bead of fresh caulk all the way around the frame, and seal it in place by pressing it down with your finger.

If you’re looking for ways to save money and energy around the house, then these three winter-proofing techniques will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Along with having a more efficient house, you’ll also be warmer, help to save the environment, and spend less on your energy bills. Just put in a little bit of time and money now and wait to reap the rewards come winter.

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