Best Temperature to Keep Your Home During Winter

Wintertime can be a constant battle between keeping your house comfortable and saving as much money as possible on energy costs. And with the way winter temperatures fluctuate sometimes, it can be difficult to know what temperature to set your thermostat, when to use the furnace, when to turn off the air conditioning, and how to keep your house cozy.

If you’ve been struggling with keeping your house at the right temperature, here are some numbers that can help you reap the most savings while also staying comfortable in your house this season.

Turning Down the Furnace

humidifier_staywarm_winterDaytime temperature
: When the temperature outside is below 55 F, set the furnace to around 68 F. This will ensure that your home stays warm enough that everybody is comfortable. But 68 F is also an energy-saving temperature that will keep your heating bills low.

If people in the house find this temperature too cold, run a humidifier and keep the humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent. This will make the temperature inside feel up to 10 F warmer.

Money-free Tip: An extra layer of clothes can help you reduce energy costs. By wearing an extra sweater and thicker socks in the house, you’ll stay warmer without having to touch the thermostat.

Nighttime temperature: At night, it’s important to turn down the thermostat to around 62 F, and there are two reasons for this. For one, there’s no reason to have the furnace pumping when everybody is asleep. Also, cooler temperatures are better for sleeping, and research shows that you’ll fall asleep faster and sleep better if the nighttime temperature is around 62 F.

Turning Down the Air Conditioner

When the winter temperature gets above 55 F, make sure you set your air conditioner to around 76 F to make sure it doesn’t come on unnecessarily.

When the furnace has been running, and the house is sealed up for winter, the temperature inside can quickly rise when the sun comes out, and you want to avoid having your AC come on. If it does start getting a little warm inside the house, turn off the air conditioning completely and open a few windows. 

Energy-efficient cooling tip: To get the most from your open windows, open windows on opposite sides of a room to create a cross breeze. This will promote circulation by pulling outside air into the house, through the room, and out the other side.check_your_thermostate

Finding the sweet spot for your thermostat can be difficult in winter, especially when the weather is so unpredictable.

But if you set the internal temperature of your house based on the external temperatures discussed, you should have no trouble keeping your house at a comfortable temperature this winter while also keeping extra money in your pocket.

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