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Thermostat Installation Ft. Smith, AR
Programmable thermostats adjust the temperature automatically throughout the day if desired
 and could lead to some minor savings but generally with a sacrifice to overall comfort. When adjusted too far from the occupied set point, everything within the home is allowed to heat up in the summer and cool off in the winter and therefore has to be re-acclimated to the desired temperature when you are home. This practice can compromise comfort and lead to excessive system run time, when catching the temperature back up, which defeats the intended savings. A programmable thermostat’s primary function should be to provide ultimate comfort by adjusting temperature to meet the desired comfort level at any given time of the day or night. It generally takes no more energy to maintain comfort than it does to re-establish it. With total comfort the goal and life busier than ever, today’s WiFi thermostats are the latest tool in achieving that goal.
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What Are WiFi Thermostats?

WiFi thermostats are the latest tool for accomplishing total comfort and monitoring your systems operation. They offer internet connectivity so they can be managed from your mobile device. A WiFi thermostat communicates directly with your heating and cooling system and allows you to communicate directly with the thermostat to make adjustments while at home or away without physically being at your control’s location. With a WiFi thermostat you’re in control from the opposite end of your home, state or country.

How Does a WiFi Thermostat Work?

A smart thermostat is connected to the Internet wirelessly and allows you to remotely send 
instructions from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Your instructions can be as 
simple as turning the unit off and on, to complex timed shut offs and scheduled 
programming. The best WiFi thermostats allow users to interact with their home’s heating 
or cooling system from any remote location.

WiFi thermostats tend to be a little bit more expensive than regular thermostats and most 
 of the models require a professional from Mountain Air Cooling and Heating to come 
 and install them. These high tech devices put you in greater control of your comfort and
efficiency with remote access from any WiFi or mobile connection.

How Will a Wi Fi Thermostat Save Me Money.

The operational savings will vary with many factors but when installed and used properly you will enjoy the benefits of greater control, comfort and savings. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while (or plan to take your thermostat with you if you move), $300-$600 isn’t an overly large investment. Bear in mind, the longer you own your thermostat and interact with it, the sooner it will pay for itself.

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