3 Features of a Smart Thermostat for Your Home

As technology makes its way into today’s Ft. Smith homes, many appliances and other aspects of a home have started to become more and more aligned with computerized capabilities.

Ft. Smtih, AR  Thermostat-ServicesOf all the systems in a home, the smart thermostat has seen tremendous advances made in its ability to merge with computers to create almost unlimited possibilities.

While features continue to be added to these systems, certain features have been nothing short of life-changing.

Location Tracking

Believe it or not, today’s smart thermostats can track the location of a homeowner and make adjustments to the home’s heating and cooling systems.

This has been a great feature for people who work late-night shifts or other unpredictable schedules, allowing them to have their homes be cool on summer nights or warm on winter nights. Using sophisticated GPS systems and Wi-Fi capability, these systems continue to grow in popularity.

Smartphone Apps

As more people than ever before have smartphones, it’s only natural that smart thermostats are able to combine with these apps to let homeowners perform a number of functions while away from home.

For people who don’t want to get off the sofa to adjust the thermostat, they can simply log in to their smartphone and increase or decrease the temperature from where they are.

And for people who want to check in on their system while on a business trip, they can use an app to have their home feeling toasty warm when their kids get home from school.

The apps can also be used to check on the system’s maintenance, allowing a person to see if any upcoming maintenance is needed or schedule service calls with a technician.

Weather Forecasting

While smart thermostats can’t completely predict the weather, they’re getting closer and closer every day. Today’s thermostats, when linked to Wi-Fi, are able to check on weather conditions and the latest radar data from the National Weather Service.

By doing this, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature of a home based on the current conditions, as well as anticipate future conditions and pre-program temperatures for later on in the day.

Along with these features, people can program multiple temperatures into their thermostats for different parts of the day, allowing them to customize their system as the weather conditions change.

This feature is useful for very hot or very cold days, letting Ft. Smith homeowners ensure they will have a home with perfect climate-controlled conditions.

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