a/c unit repair

Your air conditioning (AC or a/c) unit comes in handy when it comes to the comfort of your home or workplace. With it, you can breathe fresh air and sweat less even during the hottest season. Unfortunately, just like any other electronic system, the unit is likely to experience some hiccups occasionally and so, you should brace yourself for such ‘oops moments’.

Major causes of a/c unit problems

Here are some of the things that are most likely to make your air conditioning unit fail to perform properly:

  1.      Poor maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation and durability of your AC unit. The maintenance should be done regularly, preferably at least once per year and by a knowledgeable person. During the practice, a professional air conditioner technician will clean or replace air filters, check for air leaks, verify temperatures, assess the age of your AC unit accurately, inspect the condenser and the compressor, lubricate the motor, inspect and repair(if necessary) the blower and the fan, recharge the refrigerant as well as coil checking and cleaning. Failure to give these maintenance services to your unit put it at risk of developing different mechanical problems.

  1.      Heavy usage   

Extremely hot days, especially during summer, prompt your air conditioning unit to work very hard. The excessive performance can stress the system, making it susceptible to problems like overheating, compressor failures, blowing out of the capacitors and faulty circuit breakers, among others. With these issues, your air conditioner will not be able to perform properly.

  1.      Thermostat issues

Some traditional dial-type thermostats are incorrectly calibrated, hence the transmission of incorrect instructions from control systems to air conditioning units. In case your unit is experiencing this problem, the best solution is to have the thermostat replaced with the correct one or be recalibrated correctly.  On the other hand, even with a new thermostat model, your air conditioner will still get incorrect information if the thermostat is set incorrectly. You can use the thermostat’s menu for correct settings or you can ask an expert to do it for you.

a/c unit repair

Leave all your a/c unit repair and maintenance needs to a reputable air conditioner professional, preferably from Mountain Air Cooling & Heating. We are experts in all types of air conditioning units, including the modern ductless. Besides being very friendly to clients, all our staff members are dedicated to offering you top-quality services whenever you need us.

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