5 Reasons Your House Needs Furnace Maintenance

Cooler days are on the way, and with a dip in temperatures, many of us begin relying heavily on our home’s furnaces and heating systems to stay warm and comfortable indoors. When was the last time you called for servicing on your furnace? Unfortunately for many homeowners, the answer is often “too long,” but do you know why you should take the time to invest in maintaining your furnace? Keep reading to see five important reasons:

  1. We Can Take Care of Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of regular furnace maintenance is that a qualified heating expert can identify any issues which may be present, and quickly and efficiently perform any necessary repairs.  If a mechanical part of your furnace is starting to wear out, a professional inspection can catch it before you begin using it every day throughout the winter.

  1. cold-weather-thermometerTemperatures are Dropping

When the days get colder, we rely more on our furnaces to keep us warm throughout the winter months. With this increase in use also means that any issues which may have been present may become exacerbated, and could potentially lead to a system failure which could leave you without warm indoor air.

  1. Save Energy and be More Efficient

Many people don’t realize this, but heating systems which are regularly well-maintained work much more efficiently than ones which haven’t.

When your furnace is properly maintained, the mechanical parts are all working as they should, there are no leaks or cracks, and your furnace filter is clear, air can travel through your unit easily, and it takes less energy to heat and distribute it throughout your home.  Investing in your furnace saves you money in the long term because your energy-efficient system will cost less month-to-month to operate.

  1. Your Unit Hasn’t Been Used All Summer

Your furnace mainly goes dormant during the summer months, and “wakes up” during the fall season to begin providing you with warm air. However, that extended period of inactivity can result in problems with mechanical parts and other areas which may have been small issues last year but can come roaring to the forefront when you turn your furnace on.

  1. Safety Reasonsfirealarm

If your furnace develops a crack and begins leaking carbon monoxide, then you and your family may find yourselves in danger. This odorless, colorless gas can make you sick and is lethal in large quantities, so it’s essential that you have a qualified heating expert inspect your furnace before you turn it on to ensure that you are not putting yourself or your loved ones in harm’s way.

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