These 3 Air Quality Tips & Tricks Could Save You During Your Next Home Renovation

Finally deciding to do a major home renovation may be a matter of wanting to make the home you’ve lived in for years more truly your own.

Or, you may have finally bought your first home at a great price, but it’s older, and you’d like to make some changes before moving in.

In either case, one thing you should remember when renovating is to keep your air quality safe. We have three important tips for doing so.

Inspect & Remove Asbestos From a Home

PlanOlder homes built before the 1980s may have asbestos built into the walls, ceilings, or other portions of the home.

The reason asbestos is in many older buildings is that it has impressive flame-proof properties that people valued for both protection and insulation purposes.

However, during the 1980s, asbestos was banned as a building material in the USA.

The reason it was banned was that research eventually discovered that asbestos was a highly toxic carcinogen, which could cause cancer through prolonged exposure. While asbestos remains relatively harmless in its solid state, as an insulator in walls, if those walls are cut or torn, and asbestos dust gets into the air, it is a serious health risk.

If you have doubts about asbestos in your home, get professionals to look for it, and, if they confirm its presence, have a team of professionals come in to remove it, and eliminate this health risk from your home and family.

Think Long Term With an Air Purifier

Depending on the location and type of lifestyle you live—such as being a smoker who indulges in the habit indoors—the quality of air in your home can sometimes contain more pollutants than outdoors.

Thanks to better insulation and energy conservation techniques to keep HVAC systems more efficient, homes may now be much more “closed” systems in terms of keeping indoor air right where it is.

If you want to take an extra step with air quality once your home is complete, this renovation may be the perfect time to bring in an air purification unit. Some portable models can be moved from room to room, and there are larger units installed on your HVAC system.

These larger units purify the entire household. It makes your air cleaner than it’s ever been and may play an important health role for members of the household with respiratory issues like asthma.

Put a New Filter In Your Air

Air FilterWhen all the dust has settled, and you can see the results of all that hard work, there’s one final task left to you. Go to your air, take out the filter that’s currently in place, and replace it with a fresh, clean, new filter.

You’re doing this for two reasons. The first is that the filter in use during the renovation process has worked overtime, trapping unusually high amounts of dirt, so it’s quite a bit more worn out than it would be over the normal three month period when it would be good to replace.

The second is that this dirty filter means less efficient HVAC operation, and that means you’re paying higher bills. Once you’ve finished the job, however, you can enjoy your home in Ft. Smith, AR with more convenience, increased property value, and better air quality!

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